Commission Information

Hello, thank you for stopping by. Please check the Trello link for information on your Commission piece. If you have questions please email me, otherwise, you can check my Social Media pages for more of my work. Thank you!

Commission Status: OPEN

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, it means that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service.
My commissions are intended for personal use only; commercial use requires an extra fee that must be discussed.
Failure to comply will result in a personal ban throughout all of my art platforms and social media.
If you wish to avoid all of this unnecessary trouble, please continue reading. I made the T.O.S in an easy-to-read format to make it easier and quicker for you.

PAYMENT✦ Method: Paypal, Zelle, and Cash App✦ Currency: USD✦ Payment is upfront and must be paid within 24 hours.✦ I cover Paypal fees, I will never ask you to cover them.✦ Tips are not required but at appreciated.Please E-mail me at [email protected] for any quotes or inquiries about a commission.

EXTRA FEESCharacter complexity of background complexity may apply depending on the commission.
An extra fee may be charged for complex clothing, pets, mounts, weapons, and armor.
Commercial use: +200% - 500% of the total price depending on the commission and the use. Price may be discussed.
Short deadlines may cost an additional fee.

REFUNDSDigital art has no shipping required. This is a service that requires time and manual labor so no refunds will be given. Refunds are possible if I feel I am unable to complete the work due to certain situations and this will be discussed with the commissioner. Apart from these reasons, I do not accept refunds.

WORKFLOWI will start the sketch of the piece and send you the progress and keep updating you through the commission. I will not do any more changes after the sketch has been approved. Once completed I will send you all required files of the commission watermarked. Please do not remove my watermark as this is to protect myself and my work.If my watermark is found removed, I will blacklist you from my commission and my social media.

What I Will Draw

  • Fantasy creatures / Original species

  • LGBTQ characters and couples

  • Your OC X Canon Character

  • Artistic Nudes / Pin-ups

  • From reference photo

  • Anthros / Furry

  • Self Insert

  • Mild NSFW

  • Children

  • Animals

  • Fan Art

  • Humans

What I Will Not Draw

  • Characters where the body is mostly covered in armor

  • Characters where the body is mostly covered in scales

  • Ship art of underaged characters with adults

  • More than 3 characters in one image

  • Racism, Sexism, anything offensive

  • NSFW of underaged characters

  • Fetish art and Pornography

  • Extreme muscles

  • Old people

  • Hate Art

  • Realism

  • Mecha


  • I reserve the right to decline a commission without giving a reason.

  • I do NOT accept any commissions if you are under the age of 18.

  • If you give me a reference, please keep in mind that I will draw the reference image in my own art style.

  • I reserve the rights over the completed work. Meaning that I can post them on my personal social media and gallery unless specified not to post them online.

  • You have the right to use the final image. (i.e. printing them out or uploading them to the character gallery)

  • You may not resell the image to third parties. (i.e. make prints of merchandise from my artwork for sale, or resell the original digital image for money)

  • You may NOT use the image for commercial purposes.

  • Please do not remove my watermark from the image, in doing so will get you blacklisted from my commissions as well as social media.

  • This T.O.S. can be subject to change.

I reserve the right to change these conditions from time to time as I see fit.
If this happens during a time you have commissioned me and it could affect you, I will notify you.
Changes are effective immediately and count for every commissioned piece unless stated otherwise.
This T.O.S. is for informational purposes only.

Simple chibi + roll20 icons

  • Roll20 Icons - $15

  • Simple Chibi - $15

  • +Extra Character 10%


  • $20 - Line Border

  • $25 - Star Border

  • $5 - $10 for complexity

Portrait | Bust

  • $20 - Colored Sketch

  • $30 - Flat Color

  • $45 - Rendered

  • +$5 - $10 for shading

  • +Extra Character 50%

Halfbody | Waist Up

  • $35 - Colored Sketch

  • $45 - Flat Color

  • $60 - Rendered

  • +$10 - $20 for shading

  • +Extra Character 50%


  • $50 to $60 - Colored Sketch

  • $55 to $70 - Flat Color

  • $75 to $90 - Rendered

  • +$15 - $30 for shading

  • +Extra Character 50%

  • Reference Sheets can be discussed depending on what you are wanting. I usually merge all the prices for headshots, halfbodies, and fullbodies and proceed to decide a price range. However, I barely take these at time so please ask ahead.